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Renzo Painting BuddhaUsed in combination with traditional treatments, vibrational energy healing can help you as an individual experience much more powerful results from your own treatment plans.

Renzo gently works with all his patients to ensure that the body’s light and energetic systems are balanced to positively improve the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the individual’s health.

He cares deeply about the well-being of every patient he sees.  Your treatment is tailored to your own needs and a session with Renzo starts with a highly-intuitive ‘energetic’ body scan.  Renzo then focuses on the specific areas that require healing, or else he simply moves his hands above the entire body to restore balance and harmony to the energies, meridians and chakras that are around and that are within the physical body.

Afterwards, patients confirm that their pain or symptoms are alleviated or are totally eradicated; they become deeply relaxed, their immunity is enhanced, their sleep patterns improve, and they have less need for pain medication or even surgery.

Overall, patients experience a greater improvement in their health and well-being, they feel calmer, more confident, less anxious and much more grounded, and they experience much quicker healing recovery times.

Renzo has a respectful, compassionate and down-to-earth approach in his work, which helps convey his genuine love for humanity.  

He speaks several languages including German, Italian and English, and Renzo communicates freely, directly and effortlessly with every one that he meets regardless of language, education, culture or status.

Renzo especially loves to work with sick children and animals.

Please click here to enquire about booking your session and to suggest a convenient time and date.  Renzo will then confirm availability and will endeavour to accommodate your requested booking date and time if of course, it’s available.

If you wish to change your appointment once it has been booked, please remember to give Renzo at least 48 hours’ notice, otherwise a cancellation fee may apply.

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