Renzo deeply appreciates all heartfelt comments from his dearest friends and colleagues.  Thank you so much for offering such beautiful words.

“Renzo Celani has been a colleague, mentor and friend for several years.  I had the honor of having him work with my most challenging patients in my clinic in Seattle on several occasions.  My practice is specializing in the treatment of complex medical illnesses such as autism, Parkinson, ALS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Renzo has an amazing and accurate ability to visualize and correct blockages and abnormal flows in the body’s energetic systems in a completely non-invasive way, which often leads to significant improvements in symptoms and well-being of even the most difficult patients.

Beyond that, Renzo has a deep medical understanding of the ‘new’ illnesses, such as Lyme disease, mold illness, chronic fatigue, ALS and others.  He is able to successfully integrate his energetic correction technique with the best of medical treatments.

In spite of his successes, Renzo has been able to remain light-hearted, humble and positive and has been able to bring light into the life of many.  I consider him one of the most gifted and advanced healers of our time.”

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD, Kirkland WA USA


“As a corporate and personal energizer, I work with representatives of the economy, politics, medicine and society on an international level, accelerating their transformation to achieve the biggest success in life: the unfolding of life itself.  To holistically satisfy my clients’ needs, I interact with a handpicked network of specialists I tested myself.

Renzo Celani is one of a handful of healers worldwide I trust.  He has a unique and proven ability to help people by mentally tuning him into the clients’ field to create the frequencies needed to support their healing process.

I experienced him supporting the full opening of my third eye, as I still had some fear to see what I might discover when living with this completely open channel.  He treated me thoughtfully and straight to the point at the same time.  So at first I was sweating, than freezing and finally crying.  During the whole process, I felt his energy going through my body cleaning what was ready to let go with lasting effect.

Here is another experience I had with one of my clients.  I perceived that he would need a cleaning on the physical level first, before I could work with him on the mental, intuitive and spiritual level more effectively.  On the phone, Renzo told me that the specialist at the client’s place would have to treat first the borna virus before lyme to detox successfully. The specialist checked this procedure with all his clients and confirmed the protocol as a key discovery.

That means that Renzo Celani has not only the gift to heal to a certain extent in a lasting way, but also who is able to realize key information out of the universal field people need to heal.  It makes me very happy to know that this bright personality does exist.  I wish him lots of love and everyday pleasure by unfolding his truly valuable talents to serve the world.”

Bettina Fischer, Corporate & Personal Energizer, Switzerland


“Renzo Celani is one of the most gifted healers I have ever known personally.  Beginning with an epiphany with the death of his father, Renzo has developed an amazing set of ‘hands on’ or should I say, ‘hands off’ healing abilities.

He has an enormous Heart and has dedicated his life to easing the suffering, dysfunction and discomfort of others!  I have seen Renzo bring big changes to very difficult conditions from autism to physical problems, and he now has focused his healing on bringing “Light” into people’s lives as he helps them clear the darkness in their lives!

After a session with Renzo, people normally look clearer and the Light literally shines from their eyes and often their aura!  I would highly recommend anyone to see Renzo for one of his unique healings.”

Dr. Charles T. Krebs, Research Scientist & Energetic Kinesiologist, and Developer of the Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program (LEAP), Cambridge USA


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