In the humble words of some of Renzo’s Patients:

  • Patient Testimonials concerning the Neurological System My little daughter Sophia was a pure bundle of energy she wasn’t able to sit still for 5 minutes! Sophia was so lively and liked to explore everything completely. In the evening she couldn’t lie still in bed and just go to sleep, she was a total whirlwind!……..

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  • Patient Testimonials concerning the Structural System “In October 2008, whilst talking with Renzo, he asked me whether I was able to touch my toes. I expressed that I was not able to touch them – I could only get about 3 inches from my toes. When I met him in Seattle, I could only reach just below my knees, ...

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  • Patient Testimonials concerning the Immunological System “Renzo and Ingelin have had such an impact on my daughter and me. My 5-year old daughter has Lyme disease which comes with a multitude of health issues. Renzo was able to bring her stability and strength. Each time he worked on her it was obvious to me as I was watching her ...

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Renzo is extremely grateful from his heart to each and every patient for their feedback.  Thank you for sharing your comments with us.

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