Patient Testimonials concerning the Neurological System

“My little daughter Sophia was a pure bundle of energy she wasn’t able to sit still for 5 minutes!  Sophia was so lively and liked to explore everything completely.  In the evening she couldn’t lie still in bed and just go to sleep, she was a total whirlwind!

Just before the holidays, I met up with Sophia’s teacher.  She told me that Sophia no longer had acceptable behaviour in the class – and that she needed special one-to-one care!  She found reading very difficult despite having extra individual lessons.  The teacher thought Sophia would do much better if she went to a special school than remain in their class.  She added that Sophia would have a very low IQ and the teachers did not understand what she read or said.  They also advised that Sophia had no understanding of numbers.

Yet, during her treatment with Renzo, my daughter became completely quiet, and was totally different than usual.  Sophia even fell asleep during the treatment which I have never seen with her before.

Now, in the mornings, she is totally relaxed, concentrated and completely receptive. In the evenings, she goes to sleep now without any problem.

Sophia has since changed schools and has actually moved to a completely normal school, where she’s in the top Class again.  Unlike her former school, the teacher there told us that Sophia doesn’t have any shortfalls, she is very quiet, helpful and explains to the other kids exactly what she wants and expects from them.   They have even discovered that Sophia has an IQ of 93 – that’s unbelievable!”

Nadine Suchy-Kendziora, Germany

“Renzo is an amazingly gifted healer and I was really fortunate to have 3 sessions with him during his time here in Perth.  Following each session, I felt so much calmer, content, ‘awakened’ and yet grounded despite the frantic pace of things happening inside me and all around me.

It’s quite incredible how he is able to energetically discover and clear out deep-seated issues within such a short space of time.  He is such a humble soul who cares deeply for others and gives so much of himself each time.

I would definitely recommend anyone to have a healing session with Renzo – it is a wonderfully healing experience!”

Lizzie B, Perth – Western Australia

“I still remember when we first met with Renzo, the miracle man!  He was really amazing, my daughter who was diagnosed with autism, was having severe tantrums at that time and she was uncontrollable, making our lives very hard to live.  I had tried some treatments before.  That summer I decided to go to Geneva to be at the seminar of Dr Klinghardt.

I met with Renzo there.  When he came to see my daughter, she was so calm and she became an angel when he made his treatments for her.  She was doing everything Renzo said.  He took her to the seminar room and everybody was amazed how they were communicating.  Me and my husband still remember that day and we could never forget Renzo’s help.  From that time my daughter’s tantrums reduced to a tolerable level, she became calmer.  We are still in touch with him, I tell him about my daughter’s problems and he still helps me with other problems.

I really want to thank him for his help.  I know that he helps others as well.  He is a wonderful man with a wonderful heart!”

Talya Susi, Istanbul – Turkey

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