General Guidelines for a Healthier Body
Every second, we’re bombarded with electromagnetic waves such as those emitted from overhead cables, mobile telephone masts, mobile phones, WiFi and wireless devices (DECT), computers, microwaves, electrical currents within our homes and offices, X-rays and also ultraviolet radiation. 

These are harmful due to the damage they can cause to our bodies at a cellular level. Our exposure to EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies) has been shown to actually affect the way our body’s cells communicate with one another and therefore this affects our own ability to function properly. 

Research confirms that these frequencies not only seriously affect our cell’s communication levels and its cell contents, but worryingly, this also includes damaging our DNA and the subsequent production of abnormal cells.  These abnormalities explain why the body seems to have an increased risk of cancer and lowered fertility rates from regular exposure to EMF.

1) Keep away from WIRELESS devices and appliances or absolutely limit the use of mobile and cordless phones, WiFi appliances and routers, Wii games etc. 
2) Consider using anti-radiation chips for all mobile phones, computers, microwaves etc
3) Limit the use of high tech equipment and fluorescent lighting.
4) Avoid living near to mobile phone towers, electrical pylons and high tension wires.
5) Avoid using a microwave completely. 
6) Don’t use ‘under-floor’ heating.  Walk barefoot upon natural ground and grass wherever possible. 
7) Review and change your ‘sleep’ environment.  The body’s immune resistance is considerably lowered during sleep because it has to rest and repair itself and so it becomes much more sensitive to EMFs during sleep.

a. Avoid the use of all metal bed frames and bedsprings.
b. Clear your sleep area and remove all electrical appliances and mobile devices away from the head area especially (and preferably out of the bedroom). 
c. Pull your bed out from wall if the bed is near an electrical outlet. 
d. Any electrical wiring and extension cords should be placed as far away from the body as possible beyond the feet area, and never under the bed. 
e. Only consider using basic battery clocks.
f. You should sleep at least one meter away from electric radiators.
g. Always keep your mobile phone off overnight. 
h. Remove any electric blankets from the bed, use a hot-water bottle or wear more clothing for bed instead!
i. Ideally, you should switch off the electricity supply into your home at night-time at the fuse-box.

8) Pregnant women have to be especially careful: Women exposed to EMFs during pregnancy have much greater risk of giving birth to autistic children. 

a. Baby Monitoring Devices must NEVER be used anywhere near the head of the baby.  The fatty tissue (myelin sheath) that protects and insulates our nerve cells hasn’t yet developed in babies, (or not fully developed in children) – so they are particularly at risk.

9) Regularly detoxify your body (at least 2-3 times a year) by following a regular detox programme in addition to specific ‘heavy-metal’ detoxing to help your body release its toxic load. 
10) Strengthen your body and improve the immune system by eating a healthier diet: plenty of fibre, taking aloe vera juice and probiotics daily.  The good bowel flora is often depleted through stress, diet, lifestyle and environmental factors so these need to be replenished regularly.  Change your lifestyle, your attitudes and beliefs to being healthier, much more positive and stronger. 
11) Remove the metal in your mouth – amalgam fillings become ‘hot antennas’ that help amplify the radiation within your head, so get them replaced with tooth-coloured composite fillings.  Heavy metals stored within the body’s tissues also become charged-up through exposure to radiation which is why it’s also important to undertake frequent detox programmes.
12) Get rid of the mould and fungus from within you and from within your home.  Parasites like fungus, yeast, bacteria and viruses all weaken the body.  Watch out for mould on the walls in your home which is a sign that there is a radiation issue within your environment because research shows that 600 times more neurotoxins develop in high EMF areas.


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