Patient Testimonials concerning the Immunological System

“Renzo and Ingelin have had such an impact on my daughter and me.  My 5-year old daughter has Lyme disease which comes with a multitude of health issues. Renzo was able to bring her stability and strength.  Each time he worked on her it was obvious to me as I was watching her transform before my eyes.

As an example, her arms and legs were not functioning in tandem, and this was very noticeably corrected. She commented that her legs felt much stronger after the treatment. She often had tantrums and suffered extreme mood swings and irritability.

Renzo’s work brought her emotional stability and a much more pleasant disposition. I can see the strength her body has that it did not prior to the treatments. He also helped her in an acute respiratory illness that brought it quickly to an end.

For myself, years long chronic infections in my throat were overcome, which were never resolved through other means. I have regained my strength and stamina that hasbeen lacking for many years.  Emotionally, I am much more stable andable to tolerate stressful situations without falling apart.

Ingelin is such an asset to the treatment process. Her skillful guidance and her insight was most helpful. I feel truly blessed to have had this experience with Renzo and Ingelin. They have given us the strength to move forward.  Thank you Renzo and Ingelin!”

Chris Witte, Missouri – USA

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