Patient Testimonials concerning the Structural System

“In October 2008, whilst talking with Renzo, he asked me whether I was able to touch my toes.  I expressed that I was not able to touch them – I could only get about 3 inches from my toes.  When I met him in Seattle, I could only reach just below my knees, and with some struggle I could reach my shins.

After he did his energy work/healing with me in Seattle, I was able to touch my toes for short periods of time.  I had not been able to do this for a very long-time!   However, after many months, this improvement started to disappear and I still could not touch them unless I had hot showers and did lots of bending.

Today, whilst talking with Renzo over the phone, he asked me again about my legs and toes.  Again, I was only able to get about 3 inches from my toes.  He asked me to relax and he worked his energy for me.  The first time I tried to touch my toes, I was able to do so, and I was surprised!  Behind my knees and up the back of my legs were hurting quite a lot while I was doing this, but I was still able to touch my toes.  He worked again, and each time the pain would get less and less, and each time I could touch my toes.  I can still touch my toes – it has been many years since I have done this!

He also helped me with my balance.  I could not stand on one leg without starting to loose my balance and fall.  In Seattle, he helped me so that I was able to balance on one leg and then on the other leg.  Today, while on the phone, he asked me to do this again.  I was able to balance on the left leg, but not the right.  After he worked his energy again on me, I was then able to balance on the right leg also.  Again, I can still balance on either leg now without losing my balance or falling.  I am glad to have had such improvements with Renzo’s amazing help – thank you!”

Tina Craumer, Abbottstown – USA

“I started working with Renzo about a month ago to help heal my severe hip pain.  I was born with a congenital abnormality (bone deformity) and have had 4 surgeries in the past 5 years on my hips.  I asked Renzo to help me after my most recent surgery resulted in “femoral necrosis” or bone death on my right hip bone.  There are no conventional treatments for this except for hip replacement.

Since I am only 29 years old and would like to have more children, this is not an appealing option for me.  When I first saw Renzo I was in so much pain all the time that I had to manage it with morphine to be able to walk. He was so kind and hopeful that I could recover by reconnecting the blood flow to my hip ‘energetically’.  His playful approach to healing helped pull me from a very dark place of despair and hopelessness.

The instant he started his work during the first session all of my pain left my body.   It would gradually return over the next few days, but improved each time.  He also gave insight for me to treat a seemingly unrelated intestinal infection that he felt was poisoning my hip.  I ordered lab tests which confirmed that suspicion and I started treatment soon after.  He has worked on me 3 or 4 times since then and each time my pain has gotten much better.

After my most recent session with him, my pain is 70% better and I no longer need any pain medicine to walk comfortably.  I am once again able to play with my 1 year old and 3 year old little boys.  I can sleep through the night without being in pain and continue to work as a doctor with a busy practice.  I am so grateful and amazed.  The conventional medical community would say this kind of improvement is impossible.

I am more than happy to give this feedback knowing it will help others to benefit from his gift as well.  Thank you, again – I can’t tell you how much better I am over the past week.  I wake up every day with a smile on my face.”

Dr. Katherine Dahlgren, Kirkland – USA

“For years I had suffered from lower back pain which had caused much physical discomfort.  This condition had not only impacted my lifestyle, but was also becoming a costly affair as medical treatment was required more frequently to fix my back problem.

In Sept 2009, I was introduced to Renzo the Healer who was in Perth, Western Australia. First I was quite sceptical when I was informed about his unique healing techniques.  As I got to know more about Renzo I became more comfortable and trusting and eventually made an appointment for treatment with him.   The treatment was one of the most unique experiences for me.  During the session, I could feel the pain being removed from my body…… without any physical contact.

After the session was over, I felt my body to be much lighter and definitely a lot more flexible.  The most significant result from this treatment was the ability to bend forward and touch my toes with ease.  This was something that I could never do for many years.   I am very thrilled and grateful to have met Renzo and experience this form of healing.”

Mohan R, Perth – Western Australia

“I am writing to say that Renzo Celani, the energy healer, is exactly what he says he is!  Since I fell in June 2009 on my hip, the top of my leg and knee have given me so much pain.  The doctors and the hospitals could not ease the pain with medication and injections – all they could offer me was a new hip.

This would have eased the hip pain which would have made me walk straighter.  This would have helped the leg and knee pain as I walked leaning towards the right.

I have seen Renzo twice and I just cannot believe what he has done!  I have very little pain now left and he tells me that will go, as it is muscles that hurt me now. From the way I am walking, I am now walking straighter which is making the muscles hurt a little.

If you have pain, try this man,  This man is what he says he is. My thanks to Renzo and his lovely partner Ingelin.  I cannot say thank you enough, nor can my husband Tony.”

Eileen Dennis, Alicante region – Spain

“My 4-year old son Valentin was born with duchenne muscular dystrophy, a rare genetic disease.  Doctors told me that there is no cure and there was no hope for a cure in sight.

When I first contracted Renzo in winter 2010, Valentin already had difficulties with walking.  He couldn’t walk in a line and showed the Gowers Syndrom by getting up from the floor. We talked on the phone and I sent Renzo a picture of Valentin. Renzo contacted Valentin and a few days later I noticed positive changes in the way Valentin moved.  He walked straighter, had more power etc.  And besides Valentin getting better – Renzo also cured me in a way – by giving me hope and the ability to believe.

A few months later we had the chance to meet Renzo. Though he was very busy, he took time to spend with Valentin and me.  Renzo came across as a warm, positive, inspiring and energising man, and from first sight, Valentin opened his heart to him.

Renzo treated Valentin, and after he finished, Valentin walked completely differently. It is not the wishfull thinking of a desperate mother; even my very sceptic father noticed the sudden change. Valentin didn’t tumble and he was even able to balance on a thin line!

My and Valentin’s well-being is getting better and better since that day. Sometimes, if he is not fine, I contact Renzo and ask him for help. And imediately we feel the positive influence Renzo is sending us.

Now, Valentin is doing much better than the doctors told us he would. I even hope that he will be able to swim without help – which is actually not possible. But I think, he will do it!”

Bernadette Schuberth, Austria

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