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Please note that each treatment will be provided at the discretion of Renzo.  For example, if he intuitively feels that you will openly follow his advice which will help you improve your future health, then he would be happy to treat you.

Renzo loves to help individuals who want to help themselves. He passionately believes that we should each take the responsibility to gain knowledge, wisdom and insight on how to have and how to maintain a healthy body naturally.

Therefore, Renzo would prefer not to work with individuals who perhaps don’t wish to take responsibility for changing themselves or indeed an aspect of their lives, wherever applicable.

In addition, it is at Renzo’s specific request that all patients do NOT wear the colour ‘black’ during treatments.  People tend to wear low vibrational colours such as black, brown or grey when they are depressed, and so it is advisable that patients resist this urge and pick higher vibrational colours to lift their spirits and vibrational frequencies.  Thank you.

If you would like to request a healing session with Renzo, please register or if you are an existing client, please login and complete a booking request. On the form please include the suggestion of a few convenient times and dates during the next 21 days. At the same time of making this request, you will be asked to agree to Renzo’s general guidelines before he will look to treat you.

Once he receives your notification, Renzo will respond to your request within 48 hours to confirm whether he will be available to treat you, and will try to accommodate your requirements wherever possible.

The price for your session will be advised once your treatment date and time have been confirmed to you.

Please note that if you wish to change your appointment once it has been booked, please remember to give him at least 48 hours’ notice, otherwise a cancellation fee may apply.

Renzo looks forward to hearing from you.

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