A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.  Therefore, it’s necessary for every individual to retain a healthy body to gain peace of mind, and vice versa.  Renzo’s form of energy healing works to gently heal an anxious mind to restore harmony back to the body, mind, spirit and soul.Renzo healing little girl

However, the secret to a healthy body comes from within.  It comes from how we each manage both our positive and negative emotions which we feel from deep within our hearts.  If we keep our thoughts and feelings bright and optimistic, and our heart full of love and compassion for ourselves and for others, we can positively affect how our body heals and recovers from illness.

Renzo encourages everyone to remain positive and become much more in-tune with their bodies, their own thoughts and feelings.  Importantly, he suggests that we should each trust our own intuition more, to question and seek the answers we need from within first, and to always love and respect ourselves and those around us.

Although he speaks several languages including German, Italian and English, Renzo communicates freely and effortlessly with everyone that he meets regardless of language, education, culture or status.

Renzo will treat you face-to-face, and he also loves treating your animals too.

Renzo offers a revolutionary form of healing which is totally non-invasive and calming. It is called Laser Light Kinesiology and it is absolutely perfect for treating animals especially. Lasers have been used for many years to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation and energise the body and reduce pain.

Renzo provides Dr Klinghardt’s ART Kinesiology in his practice in conjunction with the laser light because he finds it is highly effective in diagnosing the patient’s condition and in confirming how the issue can be resolved.  The green laser light is then used to transfer information in healing and to treat either the human or animal patient.

We recommend that you attend one of Renzo’s forthcoming events and training seminars to discover how you and your loved ones can achieve the quality of life and health that you deserve.


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