about ingelin

Born into a family of well-known artists, Ingelin Sevåg Vestly grew up on a Norwegian island and has always loved reading.

Having thoroughly enjoyed her Waldorf School education throughout her childhood and teenage years, Ingelin became a Waldorf teacher herself and has worked with children from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds.

Ingelin adores children, and importantly in her role as a teacher, she has helped educate all key aspects of the child – colourfully stimulating each young child’s intellect, helping to build their confidence, enrich their imagination and instil their own sense of purpose in life.

Her ability to show compassion and to take responsibility, combined with her genuine interest in providing therapy and support to others had all been exposed at an early age.  As a passionate horse-lover during her teenage years, Ingelin helped disabled children who attended horse-riding ‘therapy’ sessions and has also provided support to children suffering with Down’s Syndrome.

Waldorf School education instils a love of learning, adventure and creativity which continues throughout life.  Consequently, Ingelin enjoys travelling around the world and has become familiar with so many diverse cultures, traditions, dance and songs.  Ingelin undertook Eurythmy training in both London and Oslo, and possesses a deep love for music, movement, language, harmony, rhythm, communication and co-ordination.

Following her teacher training and with her continued quest for more knowledge and enlightenment, Ingelin subsequently undertook priest seminary and religious studies in Stuttgart in Germany.

Ingelin fully appreciates the importance of freedom, to feel joy and gratitude and to connect with others and grow.  She has worked with many different people throughout her time in kindergartens, schools and kitchens; she believes that inner-strength can only be obtained by overcoming obstacles for yourself.

Waldorf education helps ignite the imagination and an appreciation for the arts.  Having her own creative talents, Ingelin pursued further studies in painting and sculpture and has since helped show others the true beauty, therapeutic expression and creativity that only the arts can offer.

With her keen interest in therapy and a genuine desire to help others, Ingelin decided to also study foundation courses in medicine, in addition to undertaking further training in phytotherapy, flower essences, ART Kinesiology and homeopathy.

Ingelin adores being in her garden surrounded by nature and her wonderful animals.   She loves sharing her joy of living and unravelling the mysteries of life with those around her.

Today, both Renzo and Ingelin work closely together as a team to help their patients heal themselves and to provide wise guidance and direction to those who require further support.

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