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“We are swimming in an ocean of light!”  Professor Fritz Albert Popp

Vibrational energy and light is all around us and within us.  It’s the divine spark that awakens the cells to create, nourish, maintain and support life.  Yet most of us cannot see our energy and light, but we do know and feel that it exists.


Biophotons are small single light particles which regulate the processing of our cellular metabolism.

Research has shown that coherent light is able to communicate within our system and that only natural or better still – biological, coherent or polarized light has a positive and healthy effect upon us.

Man-made or in other words conventionally-produced polarized light is harmful for us.

Therefore systematic light impulses are the body’s ultimate self-regulator when it comes to staying healthy and functioning well, and of course being “whole” – our body, mind and soul are inseparable.

  • Body = the physical aspect of our Structure
  • Spirit = the “light” is our Spirit
  • Soul = the “Space” that is required

Renzo Celani is an internationally-acclaimed natural healer and medical intuitive and has been treating patients of all ages and from all walks of life around the world for many years.

He treats people and animals alike and has also helped improve the conditions of patients suffering from chronic situations, and much more.

Renzo Celani has now developed the “biophoton realignment mirror technique” which is a combination of kinesiology testing and an aura-field treatment with specially-designed mirrors made out of pure gold, pure silver, and 2 different aluminium mirrors, including a filter that only allows polarized light to pass through.

This form of light treatment is completely safe, natural, comfortable, painless and totally non-invasive.

“Biophotons” by definition, only come from “living” organisms and not from machines, and so Renzo’s technique using “biophoton realignment mirrors” are unique in that they really give the body back its own “living light”.

Based in Norway, Renzo also works with innovative health-product manufacturers and leading health practitioners around the world to provide advisory services and support for products and services that facilitate natural energy healing and restore balance within the body.


It is Renzo’s mission to provide the tools along with greater knowledge and awareness of the importance of the role that our biophotons play in helping to restore an individual patient’s own “self-realignment” ability on all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Renzo encourages all patients to always trust, respect and cherish his/her own being’s innate intelligence and to be grateful for this amazing gift that we each possess – that is “life”.

Discover how Renzo has helped treat hundreds of patients around the world and how both of them can help you, your loved ones and animal friends enjoy greatly improved health and well-being.

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